Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring is here!

Spring is here, spring is here, it's the best time of the year!

If this seams familiar… then you must know Little Bill. At the least you have a child in your life that does. If you don't check out, it will give you answers to your questions. Yes, I do have an adorable 5 year old niece. She is extremely active and can't wait to get outside and play! Unfortunately, while we had a ton of snow this winter, the cold temperatures keep her inside. When it starts to get below 32 degrees F, then it is too cold to for little ones to play outside. Anything below 0, forget about it.

I came home to find the living and dining rooms devoid of furniture. I wasn't too concerned since I don't own any of it except for the piano, which was in its usual place. I found out later that my niece got a new bike and wanted to ride. So, Grammie cleared out those rooms so my niece could ride her new bike. Isn't that nice? Grammies can do those kinds of things.

Spring is also the time to clean… Yuck! Ok so I know that I am a bit behind on mine. But, come on I work two jobs and go to school. I am lucky that I get my laundry done. Ok so my goal this summer with help from my brother-in-law is to install the closet organizer, redo the electrical box for my ceiling fan, and hopefully, run network cables throughout the house and have network ports in every room of the house. We might not have luxury bathrooms, but we have internet in every room. LOL! Maybe, this year I will finally get my room arranged so I can cram all of my stuff in.

Spring also means that a new quarter of classes have begun. I got through the first week no problems, though I am waiting for one quiz grade. Trying to understand some of the subject matter that I am now dealing with is like trying to explain brain surgery to a 5 year old. Although, a 5 year old might stand a better chance of understanding brain surgery than I do international economics. So that means another week of classes has started and I need to get to work reading, doing homework, answering discussion questions, and taking quizzes. I can't wait until I am done. You know it has taken a long time, but it will be worth it. I am only praying that I will be able to find a job in the field that I am studying.

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