Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. Best Wishes for a Joyful & Successful New Year!
Hoppy Hare and Bear Hugs,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Newest Pieces

Hello everyone!
It has been awhile since I have posted anything but I do have my 2010 Holiday collection posted in a album on my Facebook Fan Page. Stop by and check them out. Here's the link:

Hoppy Hare & Bear Hugs,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7th: New Rabbit

I have been working on a new design, which I just finished the other night. I made and posted the drawings a couple of weeks ago. So here he is...

Hoppy Hare and Bear Hugs, Jared

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19th: Drawing?

I have never been that great at drawing. There are times when everything is just right and it turns out ok, but for the most part, it is not my strong point. When I take some time, I can sketch something that looks somewhat reasonable. Normally, I don't have time to draw out everything perfectly. If one recalls in a previous post I stated that I can form a 3D picture in my mind and do a blowout to see the shapes that I need to create the pattern.
The other day an idea struck me and I took the time to create a drawing. It took several attempts to get it just right, but I am still not happy with the front view, it looks a little off. However, this sketch is enough for me to remember what I need to do. I hope that this idea will help me to generate other ideas. With a little reworking, this can be turned into a bunny on all fours or a dog.

Here is the side view not too bad.

In color.

Here is his dressed up with a little red bow.
I did find the perfect fabric today to make the bows.

Perhaps, brown with green eyes would be a better choice.

Looks a little scared.
The next step will be to draft the pattern. That could take awhile. Stay tuned.

Hoppy Hare & Bear Hugs,

Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18th: Technology

Like most people, when I think of technology I tend to limit it to things like electronic devices. However, technology surrounds us. It is paper; the pencil or pen used to make a drawing and the hoe we use in the garden. Technology surrounds us. If you want to be a technophobe, then I guess that means that you must be willing to give up just about everything in your life. Clothing, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and paper towels are technology.

Technology can be defined as the specific methods, materials, and devices used to solve practical problems1. Using this definition, one can clearly understand that we are surrounded by technology. In the teddy bear world, we are no different. Needles, sewing machines, thread, glass eyes, felt, mohair, dye, airbrushes, and paints are all pieces of technology that we use to create our art. In fact, the list of technology is nearly endless.

Many bear artists are not opposed to using technology, meaning electronic devices. Nearly every bear artist I know owns a computer, uses e-mail, posts on, uses, or any number of other web sites. A number of artists have fan pages on facebook. I have a fan page that I try to update daily. Even this blog is technology I use to communicate my ideas to you my reader.

I use a computer to keep track of my paper work and an office suite to write up invoices and send them to customers. Additionally, I employ desktop publishing and graphics software to create documents and photos to promote and market my business. Web based applications to send out my e-mail newsletter and to send and receive payments. Don't forget the web site that you can visit 24/7 without an appointment. Using the graphic software, I create digital copies of my patterns. I have also used it to create patterns that I sell. It has even been possible for me to sell my patterns online in an instant download format on My patterns, as a result, have been sold all over the world. I have even used my printer to create my own fabrics. That is a neat trick when you need a special fabric.

Like it or not, technology surrounds us.

Hoppy Hare & Bear Hugs,


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