Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Posey Panda - Mom's Newet Ebay Listing

Mom has been keeping busy as of late.
Posey Panda
16" Center-Seamed Bear

Posey Panda is an original design 16" center seam Teddy Bear made from soft Schulte mohair that has been hand dyed two different shades. Her arm, legs and ears are a pale blue with a creamy white body and face. She is fully jointed and secured by the use of lock nuts, bolts and discs. I have used a wobble joint technique to her head, arms and legs which gives her the feel and movement of an old bear. Paw and foot pads are from hand dyed merino wool. Posey Panda is filled with excelsior, fiberfill and pellets for a nice weight. She has been softly stuffed to give her a vintage look and feel, just ever so slightly slouchey. Her sew-in tag has my signature and date.

Please take a moment and stop by to see Posey Panda.

Thank you,



  1. Hi Jared, she is absolutely stunning, a beautiful colour too.

    Ps. Thank you for following my blog, I don't know how all that works but I will be sure to visit your lovely blog regularly.


  2. Hi Jared,
    I love this bear, the colors are very soft and beautiful~ I am also a memeber of Artist Bears and Friends, I make the friends, and my work is all needle felted~

  3. Posey Panda is beautiful. I love the colours and she sounds as though she would feel wonderful to hold!

  4. This bear is absolutely amazing. It has so much character and looks like it has real emotions and feelings. I also like the blue and white contrasting fur. Great blog design btw.