Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy March!

In like a lion, out like a lamb, in like a lamb, out like a lion.
Do you remember learning that in school? I do, it was in 4th grade. That year we memorized poems and in the spring, several of them had weather themes. There was one that tried us all, as we learned the differences between weather and whether.

Here it is the beginning of March and spring is just around the corner. YEAH!

I am planning to make changes to my web site. I hope that it will make it easier for me to update. HA! We will see. Join my facebook fan page to keep up to date, you can find the link on the left side of my blog.

I am still working on creating a special piece to celebrate my 20th anniversary. So stay tuned.
Hoppy Hare and Bear Hugs,

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