Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19th: Drawing?

I have never been that great at drawing. There are times when everything is just right and it turns out ok, but for the most part, it is not my strong point. When I take some time, I can sketch something that looks somewhat reasonable. Normally, I don't have time to draw out everything perfectly. If one recalls in a previous post I stated that I can form a 3D picture in my mind and do a blowout to see the shapes that I need to create the pattern.
The other day an idea struck me and I took the time to create a drawing. It took several attempts to get it just right, but I am still not happy with the front view, it looks a little off. However, this sketch is enough for me to remember what I need to do. I hope that this idea will help me to generate other ideas. With a little reworking, this can be turned into a bunny on all fours or a dog.

Here is the side view not too bad.

In color.

Here is his dressed up with a little red bow.
I did find the perfect fabric today to make the bows.

Perhaps, brown with green eyes would be a better choice.

Looks a little scared.
The next step will be to draft the pattern. That could take awhile. Stay tuned.

Hoppy Hare & Bear Hugs,

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  1. I think you have done a wonderful job of little bunny! I look forward to seeing him made and stuffed!