Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12th: Results?

Well I have to say that so far making a blog entry everyday is interesting. It is forcing me to think of topics to write about. I have set a minimum of 150 words per entry; on some days that is a stretch, yet on others I can quickly write 250 words. Most of my entries have been on the 150-word side of things. Yes, I have missed a few days but being conscious of the commitment that I have made to myself, I am pressing on. With just a few more words, this entry will be complete and I can move on to another task.

Since I have been writing about inspiration and creative energy, I have developed a couple of ideas. I am hoping that within the next few weeks I will be able to complete them. For example, I have a new pattern in mind that I want to create out of grey and white mohair. This will be a different little guy he won't have joints in his arms or legs. However, engineering this little guy will take some time. Not 6 months or a year, but something more than just 20 minutes. It will take a few days to get the pattern just right.

Hoppy Hare & Bear Hugs,


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