Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9th: Outside Sources

There are sites and blogs that I visit on a semi-regular basis (read; when I get a chance about every 6 months). One of those blogs is Desire to Inspire; in fact, it was the first blog that I followed. I even went as far as subscribing so that every entry would show up in my RSS feed in my inbox. The authors, Kim & Jo, have never met in real life, but they share an interest in interior design. What's more, they met on the internet through another web site, Flickr, on which they shared photos of interior designs. Soon after meeting through Flickr, Desire to Inspire was born.

I love to view their posts. This site stimulates my creative energy. They show just about any type of interior design one can imagine. I happen to love primitive and modern all at once. I don't even mind a dash of fussy Victorian thrown in for a nice touch. Glancing through the archives one can find this type of design. Many of the designers they feature have a mid-century vibe that is nice, not my favorite, but still nicely done. It is a joy to view the new designs the show daily. Today's post featured a mountain home that could astound you.

To visit Desire to Inspire click the link below:

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