Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1st

It was warm and sunny and I spent it inside at work all day. It was nice to get out for lunch, but it was a bit warm. However, I will take 90-degree weather any day of the week over cold winter weather.
I was hopeful this week that I would finish an order and not need to make any Purrvis for a while. When I arrived home, I discovered an additional three Purrvis had been ordered. This is not a problem. After my normal evening routine, I sat down and cut another Purrvis. I did manage to get him sewn and turned before heading off to bed for the evening.
I am still working on creating a special design for my 20th anniversary. When one is in need of a special design, one's mind goes blank. I have begun searching the collection of web sites that I visit on a semi-regular basis, waiting for inspiration to strike. This could take awhile.

Hoppy Hare & Bear Hugs,

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