Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5th: Family Inspiration?

Before I started writing today's entry, I was looking at facebook and I noticed that I had a message from a friend. I opened it and she suggested looking at my family tree for inspiration. Creativity runs back a few generations, this is not a bad idea. My mother, as many of you know, is Jane Monroe of C. Riffenberg Bear Co. My grandmother has sewn for nearly all of her life and not just practical items. I remember geese made from cutter quilts, the Swoozie Sisters, this was a one of a kind duo, and any number of other projects. Next time I visit her I will make a point to take a picture of the sisters to share.

My grandfather constructed beautiful items from wood and metal. Then my great-grandma Russell was always writing stories. After doing some research on my family tree, I discovered that my great-great-grandfather was a watchmaker and jeweler. He was the one in the family that was a stickler for perfection. One would have to be when creating jewelry and watches. Striving for perfection and making a well finished product come not only from my grandfather's side, but my grandmother taught my mother that the inside of a garment or the back side of a piece of needle work should look just as nice as the right side.

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