Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 15th: Strawberry Kitty

The other day the Toy Shoppe called looking for something new. During the phone call the idea for kitty with strawberries developed. So here we have a photo blog of Strawberry Kitty. I really like the fact that my phone has a camera.
Here is Strawberry, sewn and turned, ready to stuff.

The stuffed headless body...

The stuffed bodiless head.

They found each other!

United at last.
"Mmmphm, mphm!"
What's that you say kitty? You can't see?

First things first, I must clean up your face! There!
Now I can see where to place you eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Just a moment and I will have everything in place!

Is that better now?

Ok, Strawberry not so close to the phone!
I've only got one and it is not a toy!

Looks like you have something you want to show everyone.

Look at you! Is that a fancy bow I see?
Hold still I want to get a better look.

Hey, that is pretty sweet! A strawberry necklace and a strawberry in your bow.

Do you like Strawberry Kitty?
He is limited to 2!
Visit our friends at The Toy Shoppe!

Hoppy Hare and Bear Hugs,

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